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Understanding About Optical Switches in Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is a gadget with a small built-in laser sensor called optical sensor. Optical switch is a well-known technology in the field of PC gaming. It is a switch with a sensor to move the switch mechanism in two or more positions. This is a simple way to enhance the gaming experience.

There are two types of mechanisms which come with the switch, namely, mechanical switch and optical switch. Mechanical switches are better, but to make them more reliable, the use of the optical switch has been adopted. The optical switch has two types, depending on how the switch works. The first type has an on/off feature, which depends on the LED lighting. The second type is the optical switch, in which a camera-like sensor detects the light. The sensor works to turn on and off the LED according to the situation of the switch. This also makes the switch much faster, and the speed depends on the angle of the LED.

Benefits of Optical Switches

1. They are able to detect the movements more accurately. It can be used at any time in the day, since it is not affected by the dust particles.

2. Optical switch provides good feedback, since the movement can be read by the human eye. This results in smooth gaming experience.

3. A mouse with an optical switch can be set to any DPI as per your need. This is because it is more accurate than a mouse with a mechanical switch, since motor works in a different way and it has a small body.

4. The optical switch uses infrared LED as the sensor, which is sensitive to the movement of the mouse, which provides better accuracy during FPS gaming.

Downsides of Optical switches

1. A gaming mouse with an optical switch does not provide as much as an analog mouse. This is because an analog mouse provides you with a lot of functions that a mouse with an optical switch cannot provide.

2. A mouse with an optical switch is not durable. The reason behind this is that the optical switches are very sensitive to small objects and dust due to their design and the working. So, in case of an optical switch, it is recommended that you take extra care to clean and clean the mouse at least once a week.

3. Optical sensors have a higher price as compared to mechanical switches which can increase the overall price of your gaming mouse.

Which mouse/switch type to select?

Although both mechanical and optical switches have their advantages and disadvantages, which must be considered when choosing a mouse, the choice of the switch type depends on the situation. The optical switches provide better accuracy, hence better gaming experience whereas mechanical switches are better for general usage.

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