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Cherry MX: Which Colour To Choose?

Purchasing the right equipment is of paramount importance when looking to improve your gameplay. For those on PC, a keyboard is one of the first pieces of equipment that matters! In the last blog, we discussed the importance of Gaming Keyboards and the mechanics of switches used in them.

The selection of gaming keyboards and switches is subjective based on individual requirements. So, let’s start with determining the best Cherry MX switch colour for your gaming needs.

Switch Categories

The mechanical switches used in gaming keyboards are designed to provide better response time, offering unmistakable feedback while playing. The tactile and clicky feel, confirms the signal every single time the key is pressed. The behaviour of mechanical switches is majorly divided into three categories:

· Linear: Smooth, Consistent, and Quiet keystrokes

· Clicky: Bumpy, Loud “Click” sound, and beginner friendly

· Tactile: Bumpy, Moderate “Click” sound of keystroke

Colour Choices

There are five main colours in Cherry MX switches with their pros and cons:

1. Cherry MX Red: Linear switch characteristics with lightweight actuation for faster key inputs. With the no-click sound, Cherry MX Red is suitable for FPS gaming where rapid key inputs are required.

2. Cherry MX Brown: Tactile switch characteristics with noticeable actuation, but without any “click” sound. Due to its detectable actuation and no-sound keystroke, Cherry MX Brown is preferred by working professionals for typing purposes.

3. Cherry MX Blue: Tactile switch characteristics with the classic “click” sound. These switches have high actuation force. Due to their noisy characteristics and high actuation, Cherry MX Blue is not preferred for typing and office use. On the contrary, these switches provide are favoured by gamers for precise inputs.

4. Cherry MX Black: Linear switch characteristics with high actuation force for extremely precise inputs. Cherry MX Black is a great choice for users looking for maximum accuracy. This switch is mostly used in RTS (Real Time Strategy) gaming to reduce accidental keystrokes.

5. Cherry MX Silver: Linear switch characteristics with fastest inputs due to low activation force. No click sound, faster inputs, and precise keystrokes make Cherry MX Silver ideal for gamers as well as office users, who are looking for precise strokes.

Decisions, Decisions

The final decision for the switch types depends on the individual’s activity. Today, besides Cherry, many other brands are coming up with their mechanical switches. But ultimately, all mechanical switches work on the same principle. Hence it depends on the users, what to choose. No matter what colour you choose, the mechanical switches always offer precise feedback, accurate inputs, and a longer lifespan. As per our recommendation, the fan favourite Cherry MX Blue will be a good starting point for beginners.

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