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Three Reasons Why Gamers Need a Programmable Button on Their Gaming Mouse

The programmable buttons for mice became very popular, especially among professional gamers. But what do they exactly do? Does it help them perform better? There is not one definite answer to this question, but many reasons

In this article, we will discuss 3 reasons why FPS gamers need a programmable button on their gaming mouse.

The first reason is that they can use it to switch between weapons. The second reason is that they can use it to zoom in and out of the game. The third reason is that they can use it to switch between different hotkeys which gives them advantage in fps games without any delay.

1. Switching Between Weapons- If you are playing a game where you need to switch between weapons on the fly, this is ideal for your gaming mouse button. If a player needs to reload their weapon and it takes too long, they can use their programmable button to switch from their primary weapon (like an assault rifle) over to their secondary (like a pistol) to quickly finish off their opponent.

2. Zoom In/Out- Instead of spinning the DPI setting on your mouse, you can use your programmable button to zoom in and out at any level that you want. This is useful for playing first person shooters, where players often need to quickly zoom in or out from their weapon before firing a shot that could take them out.

3. Switching between hotkeys- You can quickly switch between the two most frequently used hotkeys of your programmable button by pressing it and holding down the secondary mouse button at the same time for one second each time. This is useful for switching between firing modes in FPS games, where crouching and reloading are two of the most frequent actions. If you are playing a game like CS: GO, you can set your programmable mouse button to the middle of the three mouse buttons and use it to crouch quickly, without any delay in between each shot

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