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For a gamer, one of the best things in the world is having the best gaming computer. In a single word, it’s an entertainment machine and if you want to achieve all these, a computer with good graphic card is something that you should consider. In this article, we will talk about RTX and GTX and which one to choose for your PC to experience the best experience.

So, let’s begin! Graphics Card & RTX – What do they mean? When it comes to PC games, we have something called hardware, which is mainly your CPU and RAM. But, when it comes to the graphics, we also need something called “graphics card”. The other thing is something called “Ray Tracing” and we will talk about it a little bit later. So, basically when it comes to PC, we need to provide three things to achieve a gaming experience. CPU (we use CPU for your game), RAM (we use RAM for gaming) and GPU (we use GPU for the graphics), and everything is interconnected.

Another important thing in these component is TBP (Total Board Power) or Voltage. The higher the voltage of your components, the better the performance you will have in your system. To improve the performance of your PC, the first thing that you must know is your Motherboard. Your Motherboard is a big part which bring all different needed parts together to make a PC. If your motherboard provides a high power and in case if your CPU, RAM and GPU have higher TBP (Board Power), it can boost their performance and it works like a battery which can give power to your components.

Another main component in gaming is “Ray Tracing” and it’s another big thing which will have a lot of effect on your PC. GPU and RTX – It’s about games in real-time Now, if we talk about gaming, we need to know about real-time gaming. For real-time gaming, it is required that your computer be able to render a real-time 3D graphics. But, if you want to see something like a real-time gameplay on your monitor, you need to have something called “RTX” which stands for “Real Time Ray Tracing”. It is a feature for GPU-based graphics rendering called rasterization, which is used in the very basic parts of rendering of 3D graphics to produce very realistic imagery, in which the rendering process considers how light interacts with every single object within the scene to be rendered. The purpose of RTX and ray tracing is to create an environment where real physics, shadows and light reflection all play a part. For example, we see games like Minecraft where you see a lighting environment created with the use of RTX or ray tracing. Another example is the demo of Ray Tracing in Grand Theft Auto V.

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