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How to Choose the Best Gaming Mouse Grip That Suits Your Needs

Choosing a mouse grip can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the world of gaming. There are so many grips out there that it can be hard to know which one is best for you. This article will help you choose the best grip for gaming that suits your needs.

Before deciding on the mouse grip for you, there are somethings to think about first. Firstly, what is the style of game you are looking to play? Secondly, what is your hand size? Do you have small hands? If you have small hands, then you should look into getting a grip that has a palm rest to prevent your hands slipping and to keep them comfortable. If you have large hands, you may benefit from a grip that allows for a larger number of buttons. You also want to think about whether you will be prone to sweaty hands, or not.

Once you've figured out all the information, it's time to get into the actual grip choices. There are three major types of mouse grips which are as follows:

1. Palm grip: In this grip, the mouse has one finger looped around the front of the mouse and the mouse is allowed to roll off the hand.

2. Claw grip: In this grip, the mouse is placed in the claw-like hand of the user, usually the left, with the mouse positioned over the pinkie.

3. Fingertip grip: In this grip, the mouse is placed directly into the hand of the user. You can use any of these grips to get maximum accuracy.

The biggest limitation in a game however is what your grip can do for your control system. This is because the more stable your grip is, the more you need to use your wrist to move the mouse. So, for example, the palm grip provides much more stable control of the mouse than the claw grip. Which means less of your wrist movement and more of your upper body movement. The same applies for your finger-tip grip. The more stable the mouse is, the more it needs to move in a smaller space to move your mouse around. But more on that later.

Palm grip

The palm grip is a classic choice for mouse users who want to get as much precise control over the mouse as possible. In a game like StarCraft II, the palm grip is the way to go. This type of grip gives you a stable base that requires a lot less wrist movement to get the mouse around. A palm grip with a mousepad makes for a stable setup that is hard to do otherwise, and in fact this is the official recommended setup for StarCraft II. In a palm grip, your mouse rests on the back of your hand, on your palm. Some mice even have a wrist support which makes it much easier to hold onto. The palm grip also works great for some gamers who have arthritis or some other condition which makes it hard to hold onto something longer. Because of this, palm grips are often one of the first grips gamers choose.

Claw grip

The claw grip is often one of the most popular grips for first-time mouse users. It is simple to grasp and is often the quickest way to get started. And because your hand is in a claw-like position, you don’t need to rest the mouse on your hand as you do in the palm grip. The claw grip has the mouse resting on your pinkie or, as some people call it, the index finger. You may be able to tell by the way you hold your mouse. You do have some control over it, and your hand doesn’t feel like it is in a claw-like position. The biggest drawback is, of course, how much more wrist movement you need to use in a game compared to a palm grip.

Fingertip grip

The last and most basic is a fingertip grip. And as you’d expect from the name, it is often only a fingertip away. Some mice have a small spot that feels like a soft surface, it works as a natural location for your pointer finger. The most important benefit of the fingertip grip is how light you feel holding onto the mouse. You feel a lot lighter when you hold onto the mouse with your fingertips and not your palm. Because your finger is on top of the mouse, it is also more stable, and not moving in the way the mouse should be moving.


The real choice comes when choosing the best grip. You can use all three of them to great effect. However, it depends a lot on what you’re doing and what kind of grip your wrist is best at. In a game like StarCraft, the palm grip works great because it is easy to hold on to and give you a stable base to work from. For this type of game, the palm grip works better because your wrist moves less. The claw grip on the other hand is great for first-time mouse users, it’s a simple grip that is great at putting the mouse in your hand and getting you started. But in a game where you need much more precise control over your mouse, you want to use the fingertip grip. When it comes to which grip you should use, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on what your wrist can do and what kind of game you’re playing.

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